Understand Car Insurance Total Loss Only (TLO) and Comprehensive, not All Risk Before calculating the Rate car insurance

Undeniable if vehicle is one of the mandatory requirements at this time, so the demand against transport like cars has increased in Indonesia, especially in the area of the capital of Jakarta. The number of private cars in Jakarta each year continues to grow due to the need for the mobilization of the urban is indeed quite crucial. In fact, the Government also has provided several options of public transport for the community, however, the demand for private cars is still quite high.

Understand Car Insurance Total Loss Only (TLO)

Along with the increasing number of vehicles the car in Jakarta, the higher things unwanted happens in the streets. Undeniable if almost every day there are traffic accidents occurred in Jakarta, both mild or severe. Many factors cause this occurs for example because road conditions are difficult to guess so caused the accident, weather factors, up to the level of vigilance pengendaraa while driving a vehicle.

Several accidents on the road it's hard to predict. If you've experienced it, inevitably there has to be unexpected costs incurred to pay health costs as the cost of treatment, ambulance, treatment etc. Certainly not a little cost that must be removed. Aside from the health side, you also need to pay for your vehicle that may be damaged or destroyed when the accident.

There are pluses and minuses when you have a private car. To get around the unwanted things it's good if you start to have car insurance. You can take into account the rate car insurance that is appropriate for the needs and condition of your car. Things to watch out for because it affects the rate car insurance such as car engines, body condition, age of car etc. So, you could be easier to choose the right type of car insurance.

Car Insurance

In general there are two types of car insurance cover at Garda Oto i.e. All Risk and Total Loss Only (TLO) However, in the Garda Oto service Digital there is no term but rather a Comprehensive All Risk. Comprehensive warranty protection for the type of light damage, severely damaged up to lose. For example if a car terserempet by public transport, the damage is minor, which makes the car less comfortable to be seen. In this case, the claim can be made when the insurance owned is Comprehensive insurance. When you use a car to transport vernacular of the day, then the choice can be Comprehensive insurance your primary consideration to prevent the bad things happen to your car.

Whereas, TLO insurance protection ensures your car for loss or damage worth more than 75% of the price of the car, meaning if there is damage to the light then it will not be paid or guaranteed. However, it does not mean a guarantee car insurance lowest optioned TLO because can not guarantee a mild damage on your car. Of course you can not close the possibility of vehicle damage due to neglect opportunities yourself as well as others that the damage is more than 75%.

So, that's the difference in short about the Comprehensive car insurance and TLO. Surely it is important for you to keep your car from some unwanted stuff such as accidents, fires, theft etc. Of course, some of those problems could be a compelling reason why car insurance should you have. The selection of car insurance could be the right choice today. You may be able to use the services of Garda Oto Digital and select car insurance in Garda Oto to suit the needs of your car. Comprehensive car insurance and TLO suitable for Your estimate, especially if you live in big cities such as Jakarta.

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