The myth of the composition of the foods and drinks

Health care will be highly sought when people are feeling the pain.  For that this time we will deliver some things about health care in this article.

The less fat, eating the better

Fat is not the enemy for our bodies. So that the body can develop, we need three major nutrients, namely protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Fat can improve health because it helps in the absorption of certain vitamins. Fat is divided into two, namely, animal fats (saturated fat) and vegetable fat (fat not saturated). Vegetable fat is the fat that is good for the body, because it helps rebuild cells and produce the hormones needed by the body and can be found in nuts, seeds, fish, avocado, and low fat milk [2]. Thing to do is actually consuming the fat that is good for the body and away from the consumption of saturated fats found in butter, red meat, processed foods, and milk is high in fat so that we can achieve the health.

Drink more water to lose weight

Water is very important for our bodies, but whether by drinking more water can lose weight? The answer is no! Drinking a lot of water that is such high-calorie sodas or drinks that contain high sugar levels still will not lose weight can even trigger increased weight loss [2].

Don't eat meat can lose weight and make healthy body

Eating meat with a small amount of fat is one food that is healthy and fit to lose weight. Although fish, chicken, pork, red meat is food that has some of the cholesterol and saturated fat, these foods contain high nutrients like protein, iron, and zinc are good for the body so it is advisable to keep eating meat Although in a slightly bigger portion [1].

Food and drink low-fat help lose weight

Lyndel Costain nutrition experts say, the food is low-fat or fat-free does not mean low in calories or calorie-free. Many foods that are labeled no-fat or low-fat turns to add sugar, flour and salt to lower the fat content but still contain high carbohydrates so that needs to be observed with a good serving of calories in [3]. Additional sugar and thickener meal is usually added to enhance the flavor and texture of the food. More sugar content can increase the weight. Foods labeled low fat must not contain more than 3 g of fat per 100 g. Things you need to do is pay attention to sources of other foodstuffs may contain calories in low-fat foods.

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