The Facts Surrounding The Cecum That Still Do Not Know

Hay friend good afternoon all health diamanpun is located, Met again with me on yhis blog that always paint you guys daily health articles are useful and also many in the search by all. This time I will share an article about a disease called Appendicitis revolve around the Fact, perhaps you already know with the namnya P.U. B this is certainly already know all right. Usually this buntuk bowel disease can strike anyone regardless of age someone because of what this appendix shows up when you were eating the pedes-pedes or fruit of the guava that's usually a mengakibkan bowel buntuk appeared, but I know it all is not 100% correct because it is apkah due to food or other factors I jugak do not know more details again, Cause the onset of appendicitis that not only that you can also continue to lay down when we eat it can also cause the onset of colon dead end. If you guys want to know interesting facts about the appendix you should read my article on this Yes let you guys know that.

The facts surrounding the Cecum That still do not Know can you guys know just here Yes if you were paying attention to my article on this, but before that I'll explain a bit about the gut buntuk Yes it before you know the facts about appendicitis, you know that this is an intestinal disease that is not harmful to your health but the disease is enough torment you because you can't eat that tasty-tasty and also food you eat should be fine not to be rough-rough or even you were not will be able to eat tasty-tasty if kalain have appendicitis this disease, appendicitis is curable with the use of antibiotics given by a physician, if you have this disease or that you guys have a pretty severe bowel it can no longer in heal but you must be in the iperasi to lift up your gut, if you do not want to have disease appendicitis and ye must mejaga your meal should not be indiscriminate, if you guys want to know why tejadi appendicitis can then I'll share a fact about appendicitis.

9 Facts About Appendicitis Must Know

1. May not be wasted

Well this is the first fact not wasted, not in vain that the intent is not to you guys it's menyiakan gut you guys usually everyone thinks this organ that's hopeless but in fact appendicitis has benefits in improving jumblah the good bacteria in your body so don't get a gut that is a pointless organs.

2. Eat fruits and vegetables Also Expand in fiber

If you do not want to have the disease appendicitis can be treated or it can lower the risk of disease appendicitis, If you guys were to expand in fiber, fruits and vegetables that you've also lowers the risk of complications on your body, then instruct to eat foods that contain lots of fiber like fruits and vegetables as well.

3. Stool

Well, this stool can cause problems due to appendicitis, so because if a CHAPTER we are not fluent then fases this will silence in our gut that can clog up the ends of the colon that would later result in problems to the Appendix.

4. The pain Around belly button

Other interesting facts this is feel pain around your belly button and after that it will move to the right side of your stomach it, well if you guys feel pain like that then the illness of hadi, but this is not the same and hard pressed to distinguish so difficult distinguish what you guys that are menstruation or you guys are sick of appendicitis, to figure it out is that you guys have to see a doctor to find out.

5. Risk Problem Appendicitis is lower than Women

Well other interesting facts about appendicitis is Yes the risk problem of appendicitis is lower than women because women were eating more fiber or more eating and also prefer the pedes-pedes than men so that women are more often affected disease appendicitis.

6. Appendicitis Is an emergency issue in the stomach of the most common

Well this is indeed buntuk bowel disease often occurs in humans either because what causes appendicitis because common food or thing that could cause this disease and appendicitis the most common of all types of stomach ailments.

7. His case on the wane

Now for a fact appendicitis is now in case it's already on the wane, perhaps they already get appendicitis with diseases they experienced or they've got asuapn fibre in the community so to case of appendicitis is declining.

8. Mengangakat Appendicitis Is A fairly easy Procedure

If you guys were already got appendicitis that you guys better check to the doctor to get better handling so you guys that appendicitis did not increase severe, If you guys it's still not too late or come up with the right time then the doctor will deal with ways of lifting the gut you guys with the laparoscopic method. This will not cause scars and also the procedure it fast enough it only takes 8 minutes to the appointment.

9. Unless Your Appendix Ruptures

Well this last fact is quite complicated because if appendicitis that you guys broke up then it is very dangerous indeed. If appendicitis that you guys broke up then all the dirt and bacteria in the gut it will be out all and it's quite dangerous to you guys. Then you have to mejaga it datri gut you guys not exposed to disease appendicitis Yes. Take care better than cure.

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