Some myths about sports

The longer the workout, the better for your health
Exercise can help us to lose weight, but if done too long can cause negative effects for muscles and joints. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 150 minutes per week is a long time sports. Muscles and joints require time to perform repairs, force myself to exercise will only burn a little calories and create a risk of injury to the higher [1].

Lifting weights is not good because it can make us have big muscles

Doing physical activity such as lifting weights, push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, and others can indeed help us to burn calories and strengthen muscles. However, do physical activity during 2-3 times a week will not make our muscles dilate. Muscles can only be enlarged when done with training or rigorous training and adding reinforcement against certain genetic like injecting hormones [1].

Many do crunches can shrink the stomach
A flat stomach has indeed become everyone's dream. To get it, many people prefer doing crunches in large quantities. However, as much as any of us do crunches, we wouldn't instantly get a flat stomach if our stomach filled with fat. The only way to get a flat stomach is to do a healthy diet and exercising, which means we have to drive the rest of our body so that it can burn calories [2].

That's some diet tips that turned out was a mere myth. Well, then how do we distinguish a good diet with the method of its creation? Here are tips for recognizing the myths about diet [3].

If the diet method impressed too good to be true and too easy to do, chances are that the method is a myth.
Start being critical of the diet method. Pertanyakanlah the origin of the diet methods, who makes it, whether that person is an expert on a related field, or is there an element of product advertising on the diet method. In addition, find out if there are side effects that can be caused by diet method. By being critical, we will know with certainty whether a method of the existence of a diet or just a mere myth.
There are no secret ingredients that can lose and maintain weight loss by itself. Already a public secret, that eat a balanced nutritious food and exercise enough is important in an attempt to lose and maintain weight.
Weight loss has to go through the process, still want to have a body that is slim but the intestines thin and vulnerable to the weakness of the body?. Start today with a healthy diet with balanced nutrition [4].
According to weight management in Understanding Clinical and Nutrition weight loss that is recommended is 0.5 to 2 pounds or about 0.2-0.9 pounds in a week or 10% of the initial weight for 6 months [5].

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