Signs And Symptoms Of Hepatitis Diseases Which Have

Signs and symptoms of Hepatitis Disease-which had Hay all health companions anywhere good evening, Met again with me in kalain kesehatanduniamu who always give daily information about health. This time I will share information about the disease called traits and symptoms of Hepatitis, for sure you guys already know that hepatitis disease with want. This one disease can strike anyone man or woman does not make any difference will be also affected by hepatitis disease, and there are also various diseases on this one as well as the symptoms that your munkin one that has the disease hepatitis. If you guys want to know the features of the cherry and disease hepatitis symptoms also I will give this to you so that you know all the characteristics of a disease hapatitis therefore you must read this article down to Yes.

Symptoms and causes of diseases hepatitis can you know if you're a doctor you could ask whether you have the disease hepatitis or not, if you are not satisfied with what the doctor said you can know the characteristics and symptoms if you have hepatitis disease below, but before that I'll explain a little about this hepatitis, Hepatitis a is one of the diseases that attack the liver due to a virus that attacks the liver, if you know there are many diseases hepatitis hepatitis A, i.e. hepatiti hepatiti B, and C, diseases that are all symptoms of the disease must have hepatitis A, B, and c. Well third Disease that would interfere with liver function all so if you guys have this disease then you must see a doctor to be handled more and if left it will be fatal. Well this one disease can last up to 6 months and will also be undergoing a change in the color of the skin, eyes, and saliva are also becoming yellow, well if you are one of those who have the disease hepatitis this then you have to rush medical treatment and for those of you who do not know its character and symptoms of hepatitis disease so you guys can see below.

Signs and symptoms of hepatitis for men and women

1. easy to feel tired

Well the characteristics that first it is easy to feel tired because of the characteristics of those who have the disease hepatitis then it will quickly ease tired and there's also a sense of pain in the heart so that the mind and energy discharged to manahan's pain.

2. Muscle aches

the characteristics that have the disease hepatitis then it'll feel muscle pain because in the stomach will be in drag due to liver disease has or may not work again with maximum because it's last heart was not functioning normally and filtering impurities in the blood no longer exists.

3. Feel nauseous

Well if you are mengalmi the name suggests continuous nausea that can so you have a hepatitis disease, these symptoms usually occur in the stomach, and the heartache that is connected with other organs then it will directly lead to the stomach and the stomach later felt stomach pain and nausea want.

4. The headache

Usually for someone who has the disease hepatitis then it will feel headaches, why it can be tejadi because the nerve between the one with other nerves connected so it will develop a headache.

5. feeling Restless

Well if you are having that no. 5 is easily agitated then you have no other disease hepatitis because normally you will feel pain and other symptoms then anxiety will arise to yourself and can also interfere with psychological and balance your body's brain.

6. Mad Mad

Well if you had hepatitis disease then you it would be easy to get angry because they often feel uneasy, because there are disturbances in liver organ will be merely annoying to yourself and that you will later be irritable without thinking.

7. Depression

In addition to you it's easy to get upset then that arise later to you it is easy to become depressed, if you already possess the symptoms ease depression then not denying you that already have the disease hepatitis. for handling it you should go to the doctor or medication at home.

8. Skin becomes Yellow

Well as I've described above it if you have hepatitis diseases then that would arise, namely skin more visible kuing can therefore last liver functions which are not back to normal because it could filter out the toxins and excretion. If it's not running normal then your body will be very crappy and the skin will become yellow.

9. Weight Decreased

Well besides the above characteristics were last there are also traits that you experience if you have hepatitis diseases namely penuruan weight, your body it berad Later gradually will decrease on its own and it is usually caused by liver function that was not back to normal, If the levels of amino acids and do not store berbarapa minerals your body needs on the digestive system then your weight it's very drastic turu by hepatitis disease.

10. Dark colored Urine

Well if your urine is characteristic of that dark-colored it is characteristic that you have hepatitis disease, usually this is caused by the liver is not functioning normally then that neutralizes toxins and helping to dispose of the substance bilirubin was not due to heart already not functioning normally then as a result of your urine turns dark. Toxins and other substances needed by the body through the liver will not be filtered by the liver so it all will come out without any filtering at all.

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