Side Effects Due To Taking Too Much Sugar

Side effects due to Taking too much Sugar-Hay friend bloggers everywhere are met again with me in kesehatanduniamu who always give you guys every day that many health articles search by everyone, this time I will share the article named disease side effects resulting from eating sugar. Surely you already know with side effects by eating too much sugar. Who do not like it with sugar for sure everyone loves with sugar. Because it is sweet and delicious as well what more if the food contains sweet words surely everyone prefers with sweets. All that person every day did not escape with the sweet food, because they like the food is sweet and not even bother with the side effects by eating too much sugar. What you already know if you eat a lot of terlalau there is a very big side effects what you know it, if you still do not know if the side effects of eating too much sugar is too much then I would give this article for those of you who still do not know the effects beside if eating too much sugar.

Due to the excess of glucose it typically impacts often occur if often consumes excessive sugar can lead to weight gain becoming rise and rise, it could cause the risk of obsetas illness on ourselves. You guys do not be surprised if the weight you guys were to suddenly go up if terlalau often consuming too much sugar. If you guys want to eat sugar that's already existing limits sugar intake for adults i.e. 50-70 grams or equivalent of twelve teaspoons of sugar it was normal to eat sugar per day per man, for children aged 2-18 years were no more than 6 teaspoons sugar in food every day. If you exceed that effects of this sugar will appear on yourselves and efeknnya it can be very detrimental to the seklai in yourselves, if you guys want to know what effect wrote in addition to diabetes if terlalau consumes a lot of sugar is too much then see reviews below Yes.

10 side effects of consuming too much Sugar

1. Memabah Weight

This first side effect is an effect to weight, because if we are consuming in excess then our weight will continue to increase every day, So you guys don't try eating too much sugar.

2. For the heart Disorder

Sugar is also very bad for your heart health, eating too much sugar will raise triglyceride levels and lowers good cholesterol levels. Factors that heart disease will appear. If you guys want to eat sugar add sugar AHA threshold of no more than 6 teaspoons per day. Don't get more Yes to consume sugar.

3. Dental Damage

Sweet sugar it can damage your teeth that is found in foods that are sweet. Foods containing sugar can increase the growth of bacteria on the teeth which ended with the onset of bacteria on the teeth or gums. If you do not want her teeth damaged then avoid eating a lot of sugar levels.

4. increase Cholesterol

Diseases arising it caused tingginnya kolersterol in our bodies or excess sugar levels were very high, so if you guys are eating sugar cholesterol terlalau much later you will participate a lot too and so avoid increase dramatically before you telambat.

5. Problems in the stomach and Kidneys

Consume excessive sugar can also increase fat in your body that will be influential to your own kidney and the kidney you will be healthy again. sugar is indeed a lot of its effects to the health of the body especially kidney disease arising after consuming too much sugar.

6. Pain in the Muscles

Well that's an awful lot of sugar effect could give rise to the cause of pain in yourself, there are not many who know that sugary foods was able to create inflammation in the body you yes including your joint pain disease. the result was later you could be lempuh if you do not stop consuming excessive sugar.

7. Digestive Memebahayakan

There are already some of the meliti about effects of sugar, that are consuming a sweet food can be a digestive problem in meyebabakan that arise in the colon, and later will become constipated and to stomach acid.

8. Cancer

Eating too much sugar can also cause cancer, By consuming sugar with a very high number of then later will make you increasingly are relatively low and this cancer disease or menimbulakan can also cause cancer payud-dara and colon cancer.

9. Diabetes

And the danger that often appears it is danger of dieabetes this is a disease that often appears if consuming excessive sugar, and later the insulin system in us will be severely disrupted and consequences that appear uncontrollable and will be increases the risk of type 2 diabetes are exposed so you have to be careful with the sugar.

10. Brain Damage

The effect of this latter sugars could invade your brain if it consumes too much sugar, because sugar is already associated with a brain in the cells in the brain and it will be damaging your brain. What you guys want your brain was damaged, then Shun eating too much sugar so that you healthy without the slightest interruption to your daily activities undergo.

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