Malnutrition of signs and Symptoms that should be Known

Nutrition problems in Indonesia are not endless.  Previously there was a problem stunting or grow short where the number of sufferers of stunting in Indonesia reached 8.8 million (37.3%) toddler in the year 2013 brings Indonesia as the country with the fifth largest number of short children in the world after China, India, Nigeria, and Pakistan.

Definition Of Malnutrition

Malnutrition is still a discussion that is often discussed among the Governments, health workers, and the community, especially at this time (2018) occurring such phenomena in the Asmat, Papua and some toddlers died of malnutrition. These conditions make the Government sends dozens of health workers to the Asmat to resolve the issue.

Malnutrition is a condition where a person less intake of nutrition especially on energy and protein weight or by any other name KEP. This usually happens at the age of a toddler because at the time the toddler had a rapid growth and development so as to require the intake enough to support growth and development. It is in principle knowable through the measurement of body weight and adjusted to the age of a toddler who called with weight loss index according to age (w/U). A toddler who is said to be experiencing malnutrition when the value w/U-3 SD <. Therefore, it is important for parents to monitor her son's weight every month at the posyandu or clinic.

Someone who is experiencing poor nutrition have different symptoms and signs in each type. The following are the types and symptoms of posed:

Marasmus Looks emaciated and weak
Looks older than her age
Her face is thin with sunken cheeks and large eyes
Very sedikt subkutis fatty tissue until no (wear loose pants)
Belly look bloated
Often fussy (cried)
Often accompanied by infectious disease (often repeated) and chronic diarrhea or constipation
The presence of edema around the body, especially on the belly and legs
Rounded face and sembab
Eyes glazed
Thin hair, reddish hair such cornmeal and easily repealed without pain as well as easy to fall out
Fuss and mental changes such as the lost interest on the surrounding environment (apathy)
Liver enlargement occurs
The muscle shrinks
The presence of an abnormality of the skin in the form of a pink spots that extends and turns blackish brown color and tekelupas
Often accompanied by infectious diseases (acute), anemia, and diarrhea

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