How To Treat Painful Menstruation In Women

How to treat Painful Menstruation in women-Hay guys welcome sian all dimanpan is located, Met again with me in kesehatanduniamu who always give you guys daily health articles that are very useful, this time I will share a information about the treatment, named how to treat Painful Menstruation information, well this one is reserved for women alone because if the guy isn't possible right coming months definitely coming months alone it is because the woman is a special once. Well for women is definitely already know with the article that I bring this and already understand what's coming months, Well for women who are difficult to treat pain coming months failed to rid this article I might be very helpful, and if you guys want to know how to treat coming month you guys can read this my article to the bottom of it.

How to resolve Excessive menstrual pain you experienced it enough with the tradisioanl treatment does not need to go to a doctor and can be healed with a simple need not ruet, not just that there are many ways of tackling menstrual pain without drugs and also the traditional tips overcoming painful menstruation that's an awful lot to try. It's been proven to heal quickly and there isn't any risk, the pain Usually comes very frustrating indeed ulan I know of one of my friends, especially if the have katifitas outside that is definitely not good because it could only smell because menstruation it appeared and eventually interfere with those who are in sebalh us and we end up being ashamed of fear in the other and taunted, usually come months came 1 month once or even twice, and cause menstrual pain was because of banya's mind or stress and can also kareana occurs too fat or skinny. Well to cope with Pain due to menstrual it is easy can you guys see below Yes.

5 natural ways to treat the Pain Comes the Moon:

1. Eating Cinnamon

Well this first way to treat painful menstruation that you are consuming enough cinnamon, cinnamon is a natural food meruapakan to eliminate the coming months. Instead of just treating the coming months cinnamon it also deal with cramps and indigestion in colon and already proven to be very powerful to heal.

2. Eating green vegetables

Well in addition to cinnamon food can treat pain coming month you eat enough green vegetables such as spinach and other green vegetables, eating green vegetables pain coming months you can be dealt with very quickly. green vegetables contain magnesium and calcium is high that could loosen the muscles and also address the bloating and cramps. Therefore if you guys pain due to the coming month then I suggest to eat vegetables.

3. Stay away from foods that are sweet and salty, 

too sweet and too salty it can worsen your pain and also fat will accumulate and are contained in the sweet or salty food or fast-food. If you choose the food then choose food that contains a lot of fiber in bsnyak need the body.

4. Drink water White

If the pain comes the Moon you relapse you are drinking enough water every day, the water is good for the body especially for those who are experiencing menstrual pain eating your recommended that drinking water has a lot of white days, especially if the water is warm, it's much better because it could be meningaktkan the blood flow towards the skin and can also help merileksasikan muscles.

5. Soak up the Sun in the morning

Well this last treatment way is very easy for a woman simply sunbathe on the morning of the hri. You guys already know that the Sun contains vitamin D3 is good for the body and can also reduce cramps too, simply basking in the morning at least 15 minutes it already you can intake of vitamin D3 needed a body, This sanagat is easy to do for women's right, then the pain comes the month you will heal faster and don't relapse again.
symptoms that may arise when menstruation.

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