Hemophilia: definition, symptoms, and how to overcome it

Any person who is injured will quickly experience the blood clots to seal the back of the open network, so the absence of more contact between the environment with the environment outside the body. However, there are some people whose blood it is hard freeze so bleeding in a long time. If bleeding is not dealt with promptly then it can cause physical disability to culminate in death.  A State that is called with hemophilia. The disease is rare in society and generally occurs in men.  World Hemophilia day usually on April 17.

Definition and types

Hemophilia is a genetic condition that causes the blood not clotting can experience quickly.  The process of blood clotting which is long because the blood doesn't have enough clotting factors. Same is the case with cancer, this disease is not communicable diseases so that people nearby would not have to worry of contracting of sufferers. In General, it has 2 jenis1 hemophilia are:

Hemophilia A (classic) is caused by a decrease in the levels of clotting factors VIII and of this type is the most common.
Hemophilia B is also called as ' Christmas Disease ' caused by decreased levels of clotting factor IX.
In addition to these two types, there are also other types, known as acquired haemophilia (hemophilia obtained) 2. This type of condition is caused by the immune system to develop antibodies against one of their own body's clotting factors causing their blood clotting factor levels decline. Acquired haemophilia is a condition that is very rare and usually develops when heading elders as well as it can affect both men and women.

The Symptoms Of Hemophilia

Symptoms arising depending on the type of injury that can occur due to trauma or bleeding spontan3. Not all bleeding is visible because the bleeding is most common in the joints and muscles. Hemophilia A and B in general have the same symptoms, including (Sona, 2010):

Spontaneous bleeding in joints, muscles, and soft tissue
Hemarthrosis (bleeding articular) which means bleeds into joints
Intakranial hematoma bleeding on your stomach muscles without any major trauma
Prolonged bleeding or bleeding only after the initial bleeding stops after unplug the teeth or mouth injuries
Prolonged bleeding or new bleeding after surgery
Bleeding in the gastrointestinal
Menoragia, especially at menarche
Prolonged nosebleeds
Excessive bruising
How to handle when bleeding occurs
When bleeding occurs both occur in the joints or muscles and serious bleeding occurs into the soft tissues then it should be treated with clotting factor concentrates. For some people with mild or moderate hemophilia treatment can be done with DDAVP (desmopressin acetate) which can help to stop the bleeding.

Before doing the treatment given by a doctor it would be nice to do a first aid to slow the bleeding. First aid on bleeding hemophilia called RICE4.

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