Erionit exposure and Mesothelioma Cancer

Although less known compared to mineral asbestos, erionite is natural carcinogens in mengekpos in a prolonged period of time and repeatedly can cause mesothelioma, lung cancer and other deadly diseases. Exposure to more mainstream erionit occur in the environment. Someone affected by mesothelioma from exposure to erionite usually live near large deposits of minerals in a significant amount.

Through laboratory tests on animals show that exposure to erionite has been shown to have a higher risk to the development of lung cancer like mesothelioma than the other minerals are examined including asbestos. Mesothelioma due to exposure to light erionit is faster growing than exposure to asbestos.

Exposure To Erionite

The mineral Erionite is a natural fibrous asbestiform i.e. higher than similar properties with guning volcanic mineral asbestos. Erionit is a mineral of the zeolite as asbestos serpentin or Amphi. Erionit not in ijijnkan in the United States in the use of such a broad range of commercial asbestos minerals etc.

Erionite has been trace amount normally found in other zeolite products such as water softener or water purification systems. However exposure to erionit more derived from mining other zeolite or through exposure to the environment naturally. Trace erionit in zeolite products can cause low levels of exposure, although it is not known whether the demikain of this product can cause mesothelioma.

When in General asbestos exposure related to where a person engaged in the manufacture, handling or installation of asbestos products. Then repeated inhalation occurs against asbestos particles are potentially the development of mesothelioma cancer and other asbestos cancer. However, in the majority of the erionit exposure occur due to environmental exposure associated where one lived near or around the deposits of erionit.

Worldwide known there were deposits of erionite in Germany, New Zealand, Russia, Japan, Kenya, Turkey and Italy. In the United States most of the erionite deposits is in the West, especially in Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, California, Wyoming, North Dakota and Utah.

High rates of mesothelioma

A small village in Turkey called Tuzkoy has the level of exposure to very high erionit to the environment and can cause the growth of malignant mesothelioma, lung cancer and other lung diseases. With excessive concentration of deposits of erionite in the area around Tuzkoy, then exposure comes from terhirupnya fibrous mineral. Erionit particles occur naturally through the dust of the surrounding air.

A small portion of the villagers have been using the boxes of erionit as the place cooler to store food. Erionit particle exposure can get stored into the storage boxes. But the majority of cases of mesothelioma in Tuzkoy more due to exposure to the environment than food storage box.

 "The city's Cancer" has a fairly high mortality rate due to pleural mesothelioma and peritoneal caused i.e. almost seventy times the average annual mortality. Studies have shown that erionite deposits adjacent to the area causes.

Compared to asbestos still little is known about the exposure to erionite. Many health organizations around the world aggressively studied the health effects of this mineral As natural carcinogens, erionite effect conferring to someone through a process similar to asbestos. Through prolonged and sniffs your breath, erionit particles settled specifically into the lungs or in General into the mesothelium, a layer of internal organs. Finally this embedded erionit particles trigger the karsinogenesis or the transformation of normal cells into cancer cells.

In addition, the incubation period of the erionite in the lung and asbestos that is similar to the mesothelium start 10-20 years. Symptoms of mesothelioma caused by asbestos is also similar to erionit such as shortness of breath, pain in the chest wall and weight loss.

Studies have shown that the level of exposure to low levels of erionit more risky high growth of cancer than exposure to asbestos minerals. Basically it takes the total number of particles much smaller erionit to cause cancer than asbestos.

Whether it's caused by erionite or asbestos, mesothelioma disease which inevitably are destroyed. Since found the relationship between exposure of erionit and a high of mesothelioma incidence rate, many parties in the field of scientific and medical research began. Asbestos minerals for commercial application has indeed been used, but the impact of exposure to environmental erionit more lethal than in the job. As in Tuzkoy, inhale the air around the environment deposit erionite can cause mesothelioma.

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