Diabetes mellitus: types, symptoms, Health impact

Diabetes mellitus or diabetes is one of the many infectious diseases do not occur in the community. According to Riskesdas (2013) as much as 6.9% Indonesia society who was 15 years old and above experiencing diabetes melitus1. A person experiencing diabetes with high severity can culminate in death. Therefore, you need to beware that you and your family not having diabetes. To find out more about diabetes, what are the causes and symptoms of diabetes, and how to prevent it you can see the explanation below.

Definition Of Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus which is abbreviated DM is the chronical diseases occur due to metabolic disturbances due to the insulin produced is not enough or the body cannot produce insulin in efektif2. Insulin itself is a hormone which regulates the balance of blood sugar levels and insulin in the body is produced in the pancreas. If insulin is not enough to balance the sugar levels in the blood concentration of glucose in the blood will increase or hyperglycemia. In case of chronic hyperglycemia will have an impact on long term damage and dysfunction of the organs of the body especially on the eyes, kidneys, nerves, heart, and darah3 vessels. This makes the diabetes mellitus is a disease called the ' silent killer '.
Types and causes of Diabetes Miletus

In General, diabetes has three types namely type 1 diabetes mellitus (DM 1), diabetes mellitus type 2 (DM 2), and diabetes gestasional.

DM 1 is the type of diabetes is called as insulin-dependent diabetes. Diabetes this happens because of the pancreatic beta cell damage that occurs due to autoimmune or idiopati3. This type of diabetes is caused by genetic factors or viruses. DM 1 usually occurs in children and adolescents.

    DM 2 commonly called diabetes does not depend insulin2. This type of diabetes occurs at parenthood, but the more time goes by DM 2 also occur in adolescents. The majority of people with DM 2 experienced obesitas3. People who are obese will have levels of fat in the body is high so that insulin can not work optimally because of sensitivity to insulin receptors is reduced (the existence of the retention of insulin). In addition to obesity, other causes of DM 2 including genetic factors (descendant), smoking, and unhealthy life pattern.

    Gestasional diabetes is defined as an increase in blood sugar levels in the blood that was found first time during pregnancy, but the majority of this type of diabetes was cured by itself through persalinan3. Diabetes is caused due to some hormones produced by the placenta to help grow flower can hinder fetal insulin work to balance the sugar levels in the darah4.

The Symptoms Of Diabetes Mellitus

The disease diabetes mellitus had the main symptoms called 3 Poli, namely Poliuria (frequent urination), polifagia (often feel thirsty), and polydipsia (often feel hungry). In addition to these there are three poly other symptoms of diabetes5 namely:

Decrease weight loss for no apparent reason
    Often quickly tired
    Skin feels dry and itchy
    Blurred vision
    Slow healing of wounds

How To Prevent Diabetes Mellitus

In order to enjoy old age with a pleased and happy and away from diseases especially diabetes mellitus, you can prevent it with some ini6, including the following:

Eat foods that have a high nutrient content, consumption of healthy food can make you can keep the sugar levels in the blood. In order for the sugar levels do not rise quickly then reduce foods containing carbohydrates because carbohydrates are the source of one of the foods that contain simple sugars are quickly absorbed in the body
    Not smoking
    Maintaining the ideal BB, someone who will be at high risk of experiencing obesity type 2 diabetes.
    Do regular gym

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