Cancer Preventive Foods

Cancer is still one of a disease that can cause death and every February 4, celebrated as World Cancer Day. Cancer occurs due to cells in the body that develop are abnormal and can invade other tissues. Notice that carcinogens which became one of the substances that encourage the development of cancer cells. These carcinogens can be derived from the environment or food. Carcinogens that come from the environment we cannot control therefore we can only control it through the foods we eat.

Carcinogenic substances that enter into the body can be neutralized before the occurrence of the damage. During the body carcinogenic damage has not occurred then we can still prevent it by eating foods that can inhibit the occurrence of cancer.

The following are some foods that can inhibit the occurrence of cancer, namely:

The Group Of Green Vegetables

Green vegetables contain fiber, in addition to their subjects that are high in fiber are also protective of the incidence of cancer. In addition, green vegetables can serve to reduce free radical damage in DNA that can lead to cancer.


A group of nuts contain phytochemicals that may protect cells against damage that can cause cancer so with any kind of nuts then the body will avoid the occurrence of cancer.

Cabbage Group

In addition to the Group of green vegetables, cabbage is a group consisting of broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage white, green cabbage, pak choy, and kale also contain anti-inflammatory properties that protect the body from the onset of enlargement or damage to the cells of the body. The content that is on this cabbage Group also serves to inhibit carcinogen activating enzymes and stimulates enzymes that do not enable the formation of carcinogens in the body as well as promote the communication of cells that can help control the growth of abnormal cells.


These vegetables contain vitamin C which also has a high content of antioxidants to fight free radicals in the body which the radicals can push the onset of formation of cancer cells. The presence of antioxidant substances the body can avoid the occurrence of cancer. In addition, the content of which is in the tomato can also stimulate to destroy itself and lowers the growth and metastasis of some types of cancer cells.


Just as with nuts, strawberries contain phytochemicals. Content of phytochemicals in the fruit of stawberry called ellagic acid. In addition, this fruit also contain strong antioxidants to fight cancer include disabling substances that cause cancer and slows the growth of cancer cells so by consuming this fruit so the body can avoid the occurrence of cancer.


This fruit has a content of flavonoids and triterpeniod that serves to slow the progression of cancer cells especially on cancer of the colon, lung, and breast cancer development in several stages.

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