8 ways to whiten the skin of Hands quickly and easily

How to whiten skin hands quickly and easily – either both men and women want to have white skin and soft. But in fact the skin color that is owned by someone will look into black and dull because it is often exposed to the Sun either directly or indirectly. Especially the skin of hands which will be more often exposed to sunlight while driving speda motor.

Many ways to prevent skin into black hands since the Sun's rays, i.e. with the use of sunblock prior to travel using a seperda motor. But there are still many who have skin striped hand although already prevent using sunblock nor gloves.

But the hand skin problems you are striped and dullness can now be corrected with how to whiten skin naturally hand quickly and easily which you can do at home. How to whiten skin hand uses natural ingredients and a lot of beauty products on sale in the market. Here's how to whiten skin the natural way using hand and beauty products that are rekomended for you to try.

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How To Whiten Skin Hands

1. Using the Hand Skin Whitening of rice

Rice is usually cooked into rice as a staple food for humans especially Indonesians. But rice has other functions that can be used as a way to whiten skin hands naturally. The rice itself contains a lot of vitamin B1. This content that will make your skin white evenly.

How to use rice as an ingredient to whiten natural hand is in the following way:

blend rice flour into a smooth
give a little bit of warm water on the rice flour into yesteryear cream (don't be too dilute)
Lulurkan/apply the rice cream to all parts of the hand of you
Let stand for 30 minutes
Rinse using warm water

2. Turmeric

In addition to being used as kitchen seasoning. Turmeric also has benefits for whitening the skin of the hand you naturally loh. Turmeric contains curcumin which when applied to the skin very has a good effect to brighten the skin. The yellow pigment in turmeric can whiten the skin you naturally.

How to use turmeric to whiten your arms naturally are as follows:

Peel the turmeric from the chaff
Turmeric uses blender puree
give a little water and then stir with a flat
balurkan on hand you evenly
let sit for 30 sec – 1 ment
Rinse using warm water
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3. Bengkoang

Jicama is frequently incorporated into skin beauty products, mainly focused to whiten skin. Yam bean contains B vitamins that works actively to brighten the skin.

Jicama is a very popular ingredient to whiten skin naturally you. The B vitamins contain bengkoang dapan brighten you skin naturally in a fairly short time if done on a regular basis.

To be able to do how to whiten the skin of the hand using bengkoang are as follows:

Prepare jicama to taste
Peel the jicama then wash up to bersing
grated jicama using grated coconut
take juice jicama
Let stand sari jicama for one night
use hand wraps as Yam bean dregs
Let stand for 30 minutes
Rinse using warm water
If you want to get maximum results and fast from how to whiten the hand naturally using jicama you should do it every day. But if ye do it not every day then you will get the results that will be quite slow.

5. Lemon

How to whiten skin hands to five is using citrus nipus. Lemons have an acid compound levels high enough. This acid compounds useful for making your hand skin whiter and cleaner. You could use orange nipus as how to whiten skin naturally hand is easy and you can do at home. Here's how to use lemons to whiten the skin hand you naturally.

Prepare 1 grain of lime, then dividing into two
squeeze lime juice into the container
apply lemon juice on your hands you evenly
let sit for 15 – 30 minutes
rinse off using warm water.
You can use this way on a regular basis for 2 days to get the skin bright and gentle hands within a fairly short time.

6. Aloe Vera (Aloevera)

Aloe Vera can lift the dead skin cells that burn out due to sunlight directly. Aloe Vera contains antrakuinon which can memuthkan your skin lifting dead skin cells that are on fire.

You can use natural Aloe Vera and rub it on the skin of the hands you evenly. Or you can use beauty products that use the main ingredients of the Aloe Vera. The trick is to apply Aloe Vera or Aloe Vera preparations on hand you evenly. Then let sit for 30 minutes. Then rinse using clean water.

Do it this way every day after a shower to get the skin bright and springy in a short time.

7. Scrub (body scrub)

Scrub or commonly referred to with the body scrub is a very easy and effective way to whiten skin hands you. How to work a scrub or body scrub is to lift the dead skin cells on hand you that causes your hands look very dark. In addition wraps also stimulates the growth of new skin cells quickly.

Before doing a body scrub, you have to determine what kind of wraps and brand will you use. Make sure that you use a body scrub will be very safe and fit in with the skin you. Then you can use olive oil before making wraps. Because of minya zaitu has the benefits of removing are flecks and freckles on the skin. Then lulurkan scrub on hands you evenly. Let sit for 15 – 30 minutes. Rinse water while bathing.

Do luluran before showering to get maximum results. If you do luluran every day then how to whiten the skin using hand wraps will work effectively and relatively quickly.

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8. How to whiten the skin of the hand Using a smooth Stone

How to whiten skin the last hand is to use a smooth stone. You can use the fine stone while bathing. This fine stones can lift the dirt and grime that is present on the skin of the hands. In addition if you menggosokan rock smooth on the skin of the hands of you, the smooth stones will raise the dead skin cells from the skin.

You can rub the hands you use fine stone every day while showering. Rub it slowly so that it does not occur on skin abrasions of hand you.

It's her way to whiten skin naturally and hands using beauty products that have been proven and we recommend for you to try. What if don't mind this article proved useful and you can share this article to a friend or relative you need how to whiten skin naturally and hands do not cost much. Warm greetings and happy.

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