7 types of foods that are not good for the health of the brain and body

The type of food that is not good for brain health and wellness companion of body-Hay good day all dimanpun is located, Met again with me in this blog who always give you guys daily health articles which many in the search by all people, this time I will share an information about health named 7 types of foods that are not good for the brain, must already know that kalain with 7 foods that are not good to eat for you all because these foods can damage your own brain. Well for those of you who like this type of food with 7 or any of these foods then I suggest not memakanya terlalau often because these foods can interfere with your brain. This is not food that is good for the health of the body but this kebalikanya thus ruining your body and your brain, so I suggest to avoid this type of food Yes 7. 

It turns out there's a Brain Destroyer type of food that is unfit for consumption for all of us and it's been proven to be damaging to the brain and can also interfere with our health not only that sometimes the food can also cause disease could harm to ourselves, 7 This type of food was very tasty and also became one of the largest energy source for our body but even though-this food could also be a danger to us, Than you guys eat this better you guys that eat the fruit that is good for the brain's nerves so not detriment of all for you. It's been researched that there are some kinds of foods if taken in excess it can be effect on brain health, if you're curious, with 7 types of these foods can you guys read this my article Yes.

7 types of foods that are not good for the health of the brain and body

1. Granulated sugar

Well this first type of food maybe you guys already know, namely sugar, you guys already know that sugar can cause diabetes disease and not just the sugar can also damage the brain, if you eat a lot of foods contain sugar then the sugar levels in the blood can affect a very high capability and also reduce recall in any case, therefore must be able to reduce food kalia is sweet so that your brain cells are not damaged.

2. Salt

It's not just the sugar that can damage the brain but salt can also damage your brain all, excess levels of high salt can affect the function of the kognotif that could reduce the ability of your brain in thinking and memory. not only devastate your brain salt can also cause disease hypertension and heart rate so from that you guys should reduce foods that are salty, Yes.

3. Fried foods

Well who likes fried foods with gk surely love all right, turns out fried foods that can damage the brain and can also cause disease like cholesterol, fried foods contain a lot of oil and also the fat that can make you kesehtan it declined or disturbed, so from that you guys don't eat fried foods too often Yes although it was tasty fried foods.

4. Popcorn

Well usually when watching the movie you guys usually buy popcorn to eat in the right size glasses are great, if you know it's not good for the health of your brain if it's too packed too much popcorn. because popcorn contains perfluorooctanioc acid or PFOA, it can damage your brain and also break down the layers of cells that melingungi your brain, so subtract eating popcorn Yes.

5. Fast food

Now it's been a lot of processed food that is ready disanpat or fast food, fast food it is not arguably safer for health, it turns out that fast food can also interfere with the health of your brain, such as fast food is Junk the food, the food is really good but fast food is delicious though it could cause memory loss memory is getting worse and if you eat will be a disease called alzheimer's. you guys don't want it tejadi right so you guys should be able to reduce fast-food.

6. Butter and meat

You guys already know with butter and red meat also kan, so essentially this butter and red meat contain a lot of fat that can affect the brain as well as your memory, if terlalau eat a lot of red meat and butter then it will have a big enough resio because of the fat content in butter and red meat is high enough so it is incredibly harmful to the brain kessehatan.

7. Toofu

Well this last type of food is know, food made from soybeans, this can also affect your brain, if you eat terlalau eat a lot know then you get the risk of memory loss if you guys terlalau often eat out.

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