7 Heart Benefits of banana (Banana Flower) for the health of the body

Banana Heart benefits for healthy body-Hay friend good afternoon all health wherever located, Met again with me in kesehatanduniamu who always give you guys daily health articles are very beremanfaat and also many in the search by all of the people. This time I will share a named health information Benefits the heart of Banana (Banana Flower) Bai body, Surely you already know by heart the banana is right. The banana heart could be a banana can help your health lo, and do you guys know if it has been the heart of this banana lots of benefits for the health of our body especially the banana heart is also delicious eaten so this rich banana heart benefits and also the benefits of banana in this pretty much all. Well here I will share to you 7 bananas heart Benefits for healthy body .

Benefits of banana Heart klutuk is indeed a great many benefits, you guys already know this banana fruit usually grows in tropical area and usually this much in a banana leaf found in villages that have a lot of heart on this banana and also one of the the most abundant fruit in indonesia it is a banana, and fruit bananas is lots of vitaminya and also the minerals required by the body that exists in this banana fruit so bananas is indeed very useful for our body. Biacara reserved banana in indonesia there are an awful lot of its kind and I know that there are 30 types of banana types and namnya it is also diverse. If in my home there is plantain, banana plantain ferrets, gold, banana seeds and also there is a type of banana fruit masiha again that may not need I mentioned because you don't need to know, you have to know is the benefit of this banana heart fruit and sibawah this is the banana heart healthy benefits for the body.

7 Banana Heart Benefits for healthy body:

1. Prevent Peredangan and infections

Well the first benefits to heart this banana fruit can reduce peredangan and infection in your body, if you know that the banana heart has anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties that could cure the disease ulcers, joint pain, and also the infection affected by fungi.

2. Cure constipation

Well for those of you who poop in the body secretes susuh or constipation you can eat this banana heart to launch your constipation, as this could increase the banana heart bowel movement the melewatu intestinal waste that would be lost if your constipation you eat this banana heart.

3. Increase fertility in the womb

Well for mothers who are pregnant again or else want to have children then you should try to eat the banana heart, since heart bananas contain lots of nutrients, iron, potassium, and copper also. It was all there in the heart of banana fruit in thus could strengthen the uterine wall and not just the this fruit can prevent infection of the uterus and increase fertility.

4. Lower the Diabetes

Well this is the fourth contains gual high enough or having diabetes is the same anyway, if your high sugar levels it would be nice it lowered by eating the heart of a banana. the heart of this banana can also lower high blood sugar kadr you experienced.

5. increase Lactation

Well for menyusi mothers and that not enough asinya for the little one and ye shall eat of the fruit of the heart this banana fruit banana heart because it could stimulate the milk ducts in the breast of the mother who had just given birth or persalianan process, if the you guys are the fruit of the banana heart this prosuksi breast milk will multiply and overflow.

6. Keep the menstrual cycle

Well definitely for the woman menstruation it already you know right, usually it happens to women of every coming month. But that was okay because the Lady specials from men so no wonder if the woman was coming months, Well for women who menstruate by banya blood maybe you should try this because the banana heart can reduce excessive bleeding and can also pangul pain which is very extreme.

7. Prevent Anemia

Well the last banana heart benefits this could prevent anemia, you guys know that a banana has a heart of iron containing many minerals that are badly needed by the body, and can also keep the blood cell production of evil in the body and can increase cell production. Therefore the fruit banana heart is indeed suitable for you who often got the disease anemia.

Well above meruapan some of the benefits of the heart of banana for health body, the heart of the banana is an awful lot of benefits not just alone but I do love 7 there is an awful lot of yet you know banana heart benefits.

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