7 habits Slob who can interfere with your health

Hay guys good day all wherever located, Met again with me in this blog which always give you guys a very useful health articles all for you guys. This time I will share an information about healthy tips for all of you who called the 7 habits Slouchy interfere with health, Well I bring this article meruapkan articles that are much sought after by everyone and proved to many that use tips This healthy.

Bad habits for health that can be prevented by means of taking care of yourself in a healthy way each day and can also maintain the health of our bodies, and one if you guys want a healthy environment around periharalah and then our bodies. That last is the key for our healthy life all the time, If our environment is dirty and especially ourselves dirty disrepair it will be quickly developing and we will often be a pain because it's in our area there are lots of germs, bacteria and viruses that are also menempal on the whole thing. One of the most easy to maintain a healthy life is to cleanse our body first with bath at least 3 x a day. Even though it has mendi with regular do not guarantee our lives it's healthy. If you guys want to live healthy then you guys should be able to avoid the habits you filthy it was. Well you should avoid what the customs are as follows.

7 habits That you should avoid Slob

1. do not wash off the Make Up Tools

Well the first thing that usually happens to women, well inside the makeup that usually there are bacteria, oil and dead skin cells that accumulate and this is all you need to do to avoid washing the make up tool after use.

2. Rarely Wash bed linens

Well this you should look for those who are already married and not just for those who are already married but this is for all, usually it is this seldom really sheets in the wash because of the weight or there are other reasons why not washed. That's actually the wrong course of action because there were sheets of bacteria that stick to there so you have to try to wash the sheets.

3. Do not wash the water bottle

Well for all of you at home who like to drink bottled water and not washed it is one of the mistakes for you because it's in a jar that's been dropped in the mouth will stick to different kinds of germs that will be stuck in a bottle. If the terlalau is often used and do not wash it will pop up 60% of the bacteria in a bottle that can disrupt your health.

4. Do not clean Yoga Mats

Well after you exercise yoga you will be healthy and sweat in the body will be out, but it also sports tools can prevent to you sehata because what if you do not clean the mats or mats after use for sports then you will exposed skin irritation due to the mats last stocked by bacteria that accumulate.

5. Rarely Wash Towels

Well you guys already know that the towels that serve to cleanse our body from sweat or mengeringakan our hair after a bath turns if not washed packed towels we use it will develop bacteria that could interfere with your health.

6. Not to change clothes After Exercise

Well this habit going on by people who like to work out and usually it happens in a football shirt swapping them, Well in t-shirts that store a lot of bacteria and also the sweat of people who wear t-shirts that germs and later will move to the others.

7. Do not wash the hands before eating

Now the latter is actually a habit like entengkan by all IE not washing hands before eating. Now wash your hands before eating it actually very mandatory once because our hands were already contaminated by a variety of bacteria that reside in each of the objects that we hold. So the habit of not washing your hands it will be able to cause your health is compromised.

OK maybe it's just sabahabat health articles today about the 7 habits Slob Can interfere with your health, hopefully my article is beneficial to you all Yes. Thank You

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