10 benefits of Cinnamon for health our bodies

The benefits of Cinnamon for health our bodies-Hay health diamanapun are friend good afternoon all, Met again with me in this blog who always give you guys every day that many health articles search by everyone. This time I will share a artiikel named the benefits of Cinnamon for health, for sure you guys already know this right with cinnamon, cinnamon which is usually used as food for flavor enhancer is a food that is often consumed for everyone, Well this time we will discuss the benefits of cinnamon for our bodies, if you guys are curious what are the benefits of cinnamon, please read my article until it runs out ya.

The benefits of Cinnamon For the fertility of ourselves are indeed very useful. This is Cinnamon Spice that many great benefits, not just the cinnamon can also lower your body berad lo. The content contained in this cinnamon is a source of potassium, calcium, magnesium, mango, whim, and also iron in cinnamon, To gain the benefits of cinnamon and kasiat you must merebusnya first after direbuh you'll be delicious smell of cinnamon, and the results of the rebusanya it is very rewarding to our body. For those of you who do not like the cinnamon is actually very unfortunate sekalu if you think I am because of what this cinnamon a great many benefits to our body so it is unfortunate that once if you guys don't like the cinnamon. If you do not know what are the benefits of cinnamon I would slightly for reviews barikan you all.

10 benefits of Cinnamon for health Body

1. Lose weight

Well the first cinnamon benefits it can lose weight, if cinnamon braised and added with honey then can aid in quick satiety, detoxifies the body, as well as lowering appetite. So you don't need to go on a diet to lose weight drinking water aja living cinnamon this then your weight will go down. 

2. Curing menstrual cramps

Well this second benefit can relieve menstrual cramps for a conscripted suda information, if you want cramps y'all that ilang you live water cinnamon boiled in the suda, because cinnamon has a analgestik and anti coagulation can help reduce the pain in my knee so it could be the cinnamon remedy illness menstrual cramps.

3. Enhance Immunity

Well you know take it cinnamon could also boost the immune system, because it has cinnamon substances antioksida i.e. pelifenol and also pronthocyanidins which can enhance the immune system for the body, not just the cinnamon is also It has antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral as well so this cinnamon is very helpful for the immune or masala for other illnesses such as heart or respiratory pergangguan.

4. Reduce the ill effects of PCSO

Well this one disease that usually occurs in women who have had penyait disebabakan horminal disorders due to enlarged ovaries with cysts are reduced at the outer side. If disease PCOS can reduce this by drinking water from a reban cinnamon and the ill effects of PCOS will go down.

5. Improve brain performance

Not just for penyembuahan and also the treatment of cinnamon can also improve brain function and can also slow down the disease in the brain like perkinson and alzaheimer and later will increase concentration and a good brain function.

6. Remove Toothache

Well for those of you that are often problematic with your teeth it will be good if you want to relieve toothache you can also drink water decoction of cinnamon and after taking the pain and pembengkakakn the gums will be recovered.

7. Preventing Diabetes

Well for in old age who have high sugar levels don't am, it could prevent your water drink with cinnamon in treating type 2 diabetes you are experiencing.

8. Prevent Cancer

He said who's cancer was incurable, Thus cancer is curable with cinnamon. This cinnamon can prevent cancer, because cinnamon is anti-korsinogenik compounds containing a very powerful to slow down pertumbuhanya cancer cells in our bodies. 

9. Memeprjelas Hearing

Well for those who are having problems with hearing loss in your ear, you can guanakan cinnamon to enhance your hearing, but if you drink water of cinnamon every day with regular then your hearing will be improved because it has cinnamon substances natural to mepertajam hearing.

10. Memepercantik Skin

Well this last special benefits for women who want to skin memputihkan you guys, how by eating cinnamon is the bark of white and ana will also cinnamon it removes toxins from the body because of toxins that can cause our skin to yan black and no good anymore.

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